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Duff Painting guarantees a quality paint finish. All our tradesmen are Fully Qualified Painting Professionals.

We pay particular attention to upskilling, training, painting trends and the use of new paint technologies to enhance our product offering.

All blasting or mechanical cleaning can be carried out at our new purpose build blast cleaning Room that has a blast abrasive and dust recovery system. All blast cleaning is carried out to white metal blast cleaning standards (SA3) or (BS4232) or on site by our mobile blast units. We use only metal or glass medium.

Typical surfaces that we blast clean are Stone, Wood, metal and steel, machinery and plant, Gates, Trucks and trailers.

Seamus Duff & Sons can also provide industrial Shot Blasting Services.

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot Blasting involves forcing abrasive material through a jet nozzle under high pressure from compressed air. This results in removing rust, scale and existing paint from the components, thus providing a clean surface suitable for re coating.

What is it used for?

Shot Blasting can be used to clean anything from agricultural machinery, machine parts, trailers, gates, radiators, vehicle parts, motorcycle frames, wheels, fireplaces, benches, wood products and more.

Commonly used materials in Shot Blasting

Garnet - The most commonly used material replacing sand, this is a sharp, hard abrasive which is used to prepare surfaces on non-ferrous metals before re-coating. The grade used varies according to the material being cleaned and the required finish.

Steel Grit - A re-useable abrasive material with the same qualities as Garnet. Mainly used to remove heavy rust deposits and also to give a better surface profile for painting specifications, particularly in the off-shore industry, sub-sea, marine and heavy industrial workplaces.

Recycled Glass Beads - Known as Bead Blasting, this is mainly used for polishing of stainless steel, particularly in the food and drinks industry. Can also be mixed with Aluminium Oxide for a more aggressive cutting effect on more commercial jobs e.g. removal of welding stains on stainless steel.

Aluminium Oxide - An angular, durable blasting abrasive, Aluminium Oxide Blasting is ideal for thin materials due to its fast-cutting action. It is a softer alternative for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ideally used for blast cleaning of parts before powder coating.

We specialise in churches, schools, offices, hotels, hospitals, retail, industrial, agricultural and household painting and decorating. We carry out contracts through out Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

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